About Us

‘Cougar Chic Decor’ was born in 2013 shortly after I discovered chalk paint! 

It was like something woke up in me that had been asleep and watch out!! After painting everything I could get my hands on (insert my husband’s eye roll) I soon realized that I wanted to take this passion to the next level…thus ‘Cougar Chic Decor’ was born! It wasn’t long before I quit my full time job and jumped in with both feet and I’ve never looked back!


Lets rewind a bit..I feel blessed to have AMAZING parents! My parents were ranchers and my dad was also an artist. My Mom was busy raising my brother & me as well as running my Dad’s art gallery. They taught me the value of working hard but loving what you do!

Some of my favourite memories as a child were painting with my Dad in his studio & spending Saturdays ‘garage saleing’ with my Mom, Aunties and Grandma. My Mom would whip the truck around if a garage sale sign was spotted haha! They taught me the value of a dollar and how to dicker for everything even if it was 50 cents, because you might get it for 25 cents. I quickly learned to see the potential in these garage sale finds under the layers of chippy paint or lack thereof. We had many laughs and ‘start the car’ adventures! To this day neither our family cabin nor our house have much new furniture and that’s what makes it so neat…every piece has a story. I love the character these pieces bring with them. I love the ‘thrill of the hunt’ of finding that perfect old piece with all her chips and scratches and years of wear, and turning her into a beautiful, sought after piece, kind of like the ugly duckling story…she was always beautiful, you just couldn’t see it.





We turned my Dad’s old art gallery into my ‘Cougar Chic Decor’ studio. I have it set up as a store and DIY teaching studio, full of custom furniture, decor, FAT paint, unique harware etc etc… It is the cutest, coziest log cabin!! I love sharing my passion with others through workshops and offering DIY products to bring out the creativity in you!




Together with my girlfriend Jenny in 2014 “The Alberta Dames Modern Vintage Shindigs” was born! We both loved going on road trips travelling to markets and flea markets and wanted to bring local Canadian artists & makers together in Alberta to showcase their goodies!


AND now in 2018 I have joined Iron Orchid Designs to become their Canadian distributor! I am so thrilled to bring you their AMAZING DIY line!! Their line of decor image transfers, decor stamps & decor moulds will knock your socks off!

I feel blessed to be raising our three beautiful, mostly grown children (Kael, Tayla & Isabel) on the same ranch land that I grew up on just north of Cochrane, AB with my amazing hubby Ronnie.  I can’t imagine not living where we do, where we get to wake up every morning looking at the Rocky Mountains. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful family that supports me in following my crazy dream. I hope that I have shown them how to follow their dreams and to do what they love. My Dad always said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!”


xo Annie